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Lockport Township Assessor

Debbie Mason

              Office Location:

Central Square
222 East 9th Street
Suite 305 (3rd Floor)
Lockport, IL  60441


Office Hours:

9:00 AM  -  4:00PM    Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
9:00 AM  - 12:00PM   Wed

Contact Information:

(815)838-0780 :Phone
(815)838-5479 :Fax
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 The Lockport Township Assessor is an elected official charged with the responsibility of determining property value for tax purposes.  It is important that property be assessed correctly so that each taxpayer pays only their fair share of the property tax burden.  The assessor also handles taxpayer exemptions, for example, the General Homestead Exemptions are reviewed each year to make sure only qualified properties receive it.

Real Estate Tax Information

Spring begins a busy time for assessors. Townships are 36 square miles of land divided into individual parcels. It is the responsibility of the assessor to make sure that each one is assessed at one-third of its fair market value.

Assessors are required to be Certified Illinois Assessing Officers. To be certified, an assessor has to complete specific classes determined by the Illinois Department of Revenue. Also after receiving the certification an assessor must complete sixty hours of continuing education in a four-year cycle.

Each year in August taxpayers have an opportunity to ask for a review of the assessed value on property they own. The assessor does not create value. Value comes from transactions in the market place. The assessor studies those transactions to assure that each parcel is assessed in a fair and equitable manner. The value of property is the only issue we can address with you. Tax rates and specific tax dollar amounts have to be addressed at the taxing body level, for example, school boards, fire district boards or forest preserve boards. The taxing bodies for your particular parcel are listed on your real estate tax bill.If you have a question about your assessment we encourage you to contact us in early August or as soon as you receive your Notice of Revised Assessment. There are 24,000 parcels in Lockport Township. Between August 6, 2012 and September 10, 2012 the office staff which includes the Assessor, 3 Deputy Assessors and 4 additional staff members waited on 325 walk-ins, took 480 phone calls, and reviewed the assessed value on 250 individual parcels. Individual parcel reviews take 1-2 days each to complete. All of this takes place on a first come, first serve basis. If you wait too long you could miss your chance for a review or an appeal on your property.

In 2012 the Lockport Township Assessors Office staff helped over 700 senior citizens complete their applications for exemptions and the senior assessment freeze. The applications are filed between April 1st and July 1st. When you receive your senior citizen assessment  freeze application from the Will County Supervisor of Assessments you may bring it to our office for assistance. Bring the application, your 2012 Federal 1040, and 2012 SSA-1099 with you. No appointment is necessary.The newsletter would not be complete if we failed to remember two staff members who passed away this past year. Yolanda Mitchell-Relyea served the township for 27 years. She had a vast amount of knowledge and expertise that will certainly be missed. Yolanda was a valued employee and a dear friend. We also lost Greg Malanca. Greg was our commercial field staff inspector. He worked for us since 2008. The township benefitted greatly from his years of experience. Both Yolanda and Greg will be deeply missed.
In closing, remember the Lockport Township Assessors Office maintains an open door policy. Feel free to call or stop in during regular business hours.

To help keep your real estate taxes as low as possible ...

  • General Homestead Exemption:
    Home must be owner occupied.  This exemption reduces your assessed value by $6000.00. No need to contact us;  we will automatically process this exemption for you.
  • Homestead Improvement Exemption:
    Four year exemption on additions etc.  If and when you qualify, our office will send all necessary papers to the County.
  • Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption:
    If you are 65 years of age or older, this exemption reduces your homes assessed value by $4000.00.  To apply for this exemption, please bring in the deed to your home with proof of age (drivers license or birth certificate) to our office.
  • Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze:
    This freezes the assessed value of your residence.  You must be 65 years of age or older with a total household income of $55,000.00 or less to qualify.  Applications are mailed from the County in early April.  Application forms are also available in our office.
  • Disabled Persons Exemption:
    This exemption reduces your assessed value by $2,000.00.
  • Disabled Veterans & Returning Veterans Exemptions:
    Please contact our office for more information.

When you receive your annual real estate tax bill ...

  • Inspect It Carefully
    Make sure all qualified exemptions have been applied.  These include Homestead, Senior Homestead, Home Improvement, or the Senior Freeze (The amounts of the Senior and general exemptions are combined).
  • Has Your Property Been Accurately Assessed
    To make sure your property has been accurately appraised, please call the Township Assessor and request that the assessment records be described to you.  This description will allow you to possibly find that a full basement is being assessed when part of yours is only a crawl space, or that a brick structure is being assessed and yours is constructed of wood.
  • Assessment Complaints
    Complaints based on excessive assessed value or comparison with other properties should be made when assessments are published in the fall.  Only factual errors can be corrected for the current tax assessment.
  • Study how the tax bill’s dollars are distributed to local taxing bodies
    Note increase or decreases from the previous annual bill.  Do you wonder why there always seem to be more increases than decreases?  Though annual budget hearings for each taxing body are open to the public, most are minimally attended.
  • Controlling Property Taxes
    If property taxes (yours especially) are to be controlled, and perhaps even reduced, the taxpayers must assume more responsibility by attending annual budget hearings and “asking a lot of questions”.  That is a good way to begin.

Freedom of Information Act.

F.O.I.A. Officer: 
MaryAnn Wiliamson
Deputy Assessor

Please send all requests to the Assessor's office 222 E. 9th Street (Room 305), Lockport, IL  60441

Freedom of Information Act Request for Public Record Form -- PDF Format


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