Passport Services

passport1This Service is available by appointment only.

Lockport Township offers passport acceptance services at the Lockport Township Supervisor’s Office. Forms can be downloaded at or picked up prior to your appointment.


A valid passport is now required for travel by air, anywhere outside the United States.

In order to obtain a new United States Passport, please follow these steps:

1. Call Chris, Mila or Jackie at (815) 838-0380 to make an appointment. The Supervisor's Office is located at 1463 S. Farrell Rd. (2nd Floor) Lockport, IL  60441.

2. Bring the following documentation:

- A certified copy of Birth Certificate (Full certificate with parent information) or a Certificate of Naturalization for all applicants, including children. (Most certified birth certificates have a raised seal.) 

-Marriage Certificate (If recently married) 

- Your expired passport if you have one.

- A valid photo I.D. such as a driver’s license or state I. D.

- One photograph, 2" by 2" in size. Photos must be a good recent likeness and must be clear, front view, full face with eyes visible and open. The background must be white or a light color.

- Two checks or money orders. Personal checks are accepted. One check will be made out to the Department of State and one will be made out to Lockport Township. For example, one application submitted for an adult with no expedited service would require a check for $110.00 made out to the Department of State and a check for $35.00 made out to Lockport Township. When multiple family members are applying at the same time, fees for all applications can be combined on the two checks.

- If possible, obtain form DS-11 by picking one up at the township office, the Lockport Post Office or by downloading a copy from and have this form filled out before arriving. Do not sign the form. The form can also be filled out completely at the time of execution.

Regular Processing – 6 to 8 weeks, depending on workloads at the passport agency Expedited Processing 2 -3 weeks
Adult fee (16 and older) .......... $110.00 
Children (under 16) .......... $80.00
Add $60 per person to the Dept. of State plus Current Postage fees for two-way Overnight Delivery
Acceptance fee & postage .......... $35.00 per person Acceptance fee .......... $35.00 person

Passport ServicesAgeAcceptance FeeApplication FeeTotal Fees
Passport Book 16 and over $35 $110 $145
Passport Book Under 16 $35 $80 $115
Passport Card 16 and over $35 $30 $65
Passport Card Under 16 $35 $15 $50
Passport Book & Card 16 and over $35 $140 $175
Passport Book & Card Under 16 $35 $95 $130


In order to obtain a United States Passport renewal, please follow these steps:

1. Verify that the issue date of your last passport was less than 15 years ago and that the applicant was over 16 years old when it was issued.

2. Verify that your last passport is available to be submitted and is undamaged.

3. Obtain form DS-82 by picking one up at the Township Offices, the Lockport Post Office or by downloading a copy from

4. Fill out the entire application where indicated, enclose photos, a check for $110.00 to the Department of State (i.e., one adult) and mail as instructed. Additional documentation may need to be enclosed such as verification of a name change. There is no execution fee when using this form. This form must be mailed directly by the applicant. (See above for additional expedite fees.)


If your departure date is less than two weeks, is will be necessary to apply in person at a Regional Passport Agency such as the one located in Chicago. An appointment is required. See for more information.

When applying at any location, minors age 16 and older must be present to sign the application. Children under age 16 must be accompanied by both parents. Original documentation submitted will be returned to the applicant from the location issuing the passport.

The information provided here is current as of  February  2018.

Department of State

For more information on passports.