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Lockport Township Clerk


I'd like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all of the Lockport Township residents that have chosen me as your Lockport Township Clerk. I am honored to be able to serve the community in this capacity. I promise to be a dedicated public servant and I strive to bring forward new ideas and a fresh perspective. My goal is to serve all residents and work closely with the community to implement new programs and continue to modernize with the changing times. Our door is open here at the Clerk's office, Monday through Friday 9:00-12:00 & 1:00-4:00, to answer your questions  or feel free to call or email us!                                                                                                                            

Office Location
Lockport Township Government
1463 S. Farrell Road
Suite 102 (1st Floor)
Lockport, IL 60441

Office Hours:
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Closed for Lunch

Contact Information:
Phone: (815)838-1031
Fax: (815)838-4272


Lockport Township Monthly Meetings

To view a schedule of the regularly scheduled monthly meetings for Lockport Township 2021- Click Here
To view a schedule of the regularly scheduled monthly meeting for Lockport Township 2022- Click Here

The township clerk is the clerk for the township board. The clerk is the keeper of the township's records, the clerk of all township meetings, and the ex officio clerk for the highway commissioner.

Custodian of Records

The township clerk shall have the custody of all records, books, and papers of the township and shall duly file all certificates or oaths and other papers required by law to be filed in the clerk's office. This section is subject to the Local Records Act.

Township Meetings/Minutes

One of the important responsibilities of the township clerk is to keep minutes of all township board meetings.
The township clerk shall record in the book of records of the township the minutes proceedings of every township meeting held in the township and shall enter in the book every order or direction and all by-laws, rules, and regulations made by the electors at any township meeting.

Giving Notice of Meetings

A township must give public notice of any regular meeting at least 48 hours before such meeting, and the notice must include the agenda by posting the notice and agenda at the township's principal office and at the building at which the meeting is to be held.

Election Official

The law allows the election authority to designate a township clerk to serve as the election official in charge of a polling place for early voting.

Road District Clerk

The township clerk shall be the ex officio clerk for the highway commissioner and shall have the powers and duties as provided in Article 6 of the Illinois Highway Code.

The road district clerk must have the custody of all records, books, and papers of the road district, and he or she must duly file all certificates or oaths and other papers required by law to be filed in his or her office.

The road district clerk must be responsible for placing the advertisement of bids and must be present when bids are opened.


Registration is open through out the year except during the 27 days preceding an election. The next election is November 8, 2022 General Election. Registration reopens the second day following the election. The last day to Register to Vote at the Lockport Township Clerk's Office is OCTOBER 11, 2022.


Residents of Lockport Township who cannot make it to the polls on November 8, 2022, you may vote EARLY in person at the Township Clerk Erin Haas Gotts's office at:

Lockport Township Building
Room 102
1463 S. Farrell Road
Lockport, IL 60441

Early Voting Dates: 
October 24, 2022 - November 5, 2022
Early Voting Hours: 
October 24th - October 29th
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday            9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Thursday & Saturday                                           9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
October 31st - November 5th
Monday                                                                  9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday                            9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Thursday                                                                9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday                                                                9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

List of all Will County Early & Grace Period Voting Sites:

Lockport Township Clerk's Office Is Now A Grace Period Voting Site
Grace Period  Voting is for individuals who were unable to register to vote or change their address prior to the closed registration (28 days prior to an election). Grace period individuals must vote the same day they register. Grace Period Voting for Lockport Township runs from October 24, 2022 through November 5, 2022. 

Vote By Mail Applications can be requested in the Lockport Township Clerk's Office until November 3, 2022 for the General Election on November 8, 2022.
Please feel free to come to the Lockport Township Clerk's Office to request a VOTE BY MAIL APPLICATION or print the application and send the completed form to the Will County Clerk


Changed Precinct and Polling Places

The Township Clerk has announced important changes for voters of Lockport Township. Several changes have been made to polling place locations.

Lockport 01-   Carillon Recreation Center
Lockport 02-   Joliet Junior College- Romeoville Campus 
Lockport 03-    Irene H King Elementary School
Lockport 04-    Romeoville High School
Lockport 05-    American Legion Hall
Lockport 06-    Kenneth L Hermansen School
Lockport 07-    Wesglen Club House
Lockport 08-    Kenneth L Hermansen School
Lockport 09-   Grand Haven Club House
Lockport 10-   American Legion Hall
Lockport 11-   Central Square Building
Lockport 12-   Shepherd of the Hill Church
Lockport 13-   Carillon Lakes Club House
Lockport 14-   White Oak Library- Crest Hill Branch
Lockport 15-   Prairie Bluff Golf Course
Lockport 16-  White Oak Library- Lockport
Lockport 17-   Lockport Township Building
Lockport 18-   Shiloh Baptist Church
Lockport 19-   Club Lago Vista
Lockport 20-   White Oak Library- Crest Hill
Lockport 21-    St. Ambrose Catholic Church
Lockport 22-    St. Anne's Catholic Church
Lockport 23-    St. Anne's Catholic Church
Lockport 24-     Fairmont Grade School

Election Judge Opportunities

Will County Clerk is seeking Election Judges to work upcoming elections. Before being assigned to an election, Election Judges are required to attend a 2 1/2 hour training class. Upon completion of training, Election Judges are paid $150.00 for the day they are assigned to work a polling place including mileage reimbursement. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, live in Will County and be entitled to vote at the next election. All interested individuals should apply to be Election Judges at:

Freedom of Information Act
F.O.I.A. Officer:

Erin Haas Gotts

Please send all requests to:

Lockport Township Clerk
1463 S. Farrell Road (Room 102),
Lockport, IL 60441
Fax: 815-838-4272

Freedom of Information Act Request for Public Record Form

The fee for copies is 15 cents per page (black and white copies letter/legal) after the first 50 pages.