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Trustees Commitment to Our Community

As Township Officials we serve as the legislative arm of the Township. One of our many obligations is the preparation and oversight of the budget. We have made it a priority to maintain the programs and level of service that our township residents have become accustom to. We strive to continue to appropriate funds to organizations that make a difference in our community but yet stay within our budget. Because of our commitment to you, the residents of Lockport Township, to be fiscally responsible we have been able to obtain our goals, stay within budget and maintain a healthy bottom line.

The Board of Trustees is proud to serve you and remain committed to providing our residents with an honest, transparent, and fiscally responsible form of government.

  • Taxpayer Watch Dogs
    The Township Trustees are the elected “watch dogs” whose responsibilities are to prepare the township’s annual budget, make certain that all township and road district funds are spent wisely and accounted for, and to assure that township services are efficiently managed and delivered. Because townships traditionally operate on very modest budgets (tax levies), compared to other government bodies, how each dollar is spent is critically important to the Trustees.
  • Township Services
    Townships, for the most part are social, and public service agencies and informational clearing houses. These are taxpayer supported services. Trustees are committed to making sure Lockport Township provides the public at large with the maximum possible return on minimum investment. No other level of government is consistently able to do so much for the public benefit for so little cost.