Financial Aid

Lockport Township General Assistance Office provides financial assistance and referral information to Lockport Township individuals and families during severe economic times. Lockport Township Supervisor Ron Alberico manages and controls the General Assistance program.

One of the prime responsibilities of the Township Supervisor is to administer Financial Assistance and Emergency Assistance Programs for those in need in our community.  For qualified applicants, assistance can be provided in the areas of rent, mortgage payments, utility bills, food and other services.

General Assistance is a financial aid program that helps residents meet basic needs until employment or other sources of income, such as social security, disability or public aid is obtained. Eligibility is determined by established guidelines based on income and family size. Applicants should have no other potential means of income and have applied for all possible benefits.

Emergency Assistance is financial aid granted to qualified individuals and families on a short-term basis to alleviate life-threatening circumstances or to assist in obtaining self-sufficiency. If an individual or family is eligible, they may receive assistance once in a 24-month period to meet basic expenses.

In both General and Emergency Assistance, the applicant must meet certain financial and non-financial eligibility requirements and must supply Social Security card(s), Drivers License/State ID, Birth Certificates, lease or mortgage documents, pay stubs (past 30 days), utility bills, and other necessary documents.

The applicant will be interviewed by Chris, the Township caseworker before eligibility can be determined. Please call Chris at (815) 838-4161. While not everyone will be eligible for the above programs, the Supervisor’s Office can provide a list of various support agencies within Will County that also offer assistance.

Will County Center for Community Concerns
2455 Glenwood Avenue, Joliet, IL 60435
(815) 722-0722

Daybreak (Catholic Charities)
611 E. Cass Street, Joliet, IL 60432
(815) 774-4663

IL Department of Human Services
45 E. Webster St, Joliet, IL 60432
(815) 740-5350