Food Pantry


Lockport Township provides funding for the F.I.S.H. Pantry located at 1463 S. Farrell Rd. The pantry tries to provide enough food for a two-week period for area residents. Families in need of this service should bring proof of residency, such as a current driver license or state ID. If you do not have a current driver’s license or state ID you must bring another form of picture ID and current lease or utility bill (electric, gas or water). Documents must contain the applicant’s name and full residence address.

FISH Food Pantry (Lockport Township Building) South Doors
1463 S. Farrell Rd, Lockport, IL  60441
(815) 588-3543

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30am - 11:30am

Requirements for the FISH Food Pantry:

  • One of the staff volunteers of the FISH Food Pantry will conduct a small interview to determine what exactly they can do to help.
  • To qualify for food pantry benefits residents must provide two types of proof of residency living in Lockport Township. The easiest proof would be a current electric, gas, or water bill.  A driver's license is not proof of residency.  After being accpted residents are able to visit the food pantry once a month.

The Circle of Love is operated by the First United Methodist Church of Lockport is open every Wednesday from 9:00am - 12:00pm.
They supply diapers and personal hygiene products.  A referral is needed from the Lockport FISH Food Pantry.

For detailed information please visit