Care Trak Program

care_trak_officerThe Care Trak Rescue Program will assist Lockport, Romeoville and the Crest Hill Police Officers in locating at-risk persons who are impaired and have a tendency to wander away from their caregivers and return them home safely. The Care Trak Rescue is a mobile tracking system that uses a radio frequency wristband to locate lost individuals.

When an individual wearing the personalized transmitter is reported missing, the local certified Care Trak Rescue law enforcement agency can start the search using a radio tracking system. The tracking system has a range of up to a mile.

To participate in the Care Trak Program the cost for the emergency package is $270 that Lockport Township will contribute to all eligible Lockport Township Citizens that live within the city limits of Lockport, Crest Hill and Romeoville.

The following are criterias for the program:

- Residents of the City of Lockport, Crest Hill and Romeoville
- Documented diagnosis of: Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Psychotic Disorder, or Developed Disability.
- Must be under continuous 24-hour supervision
- History of wandering
- Difficulty in communication skills

Please call your local police department for additional information regarding Care Trak Rescue.
Lockport Police Department (815) 838-2132 ext. 2275
Crest Hill Police Department (815) 741-5115
Romeoville Police Department (815) 886-7219