Senior Housing

gale_gardens”Gale Gardens” was ready for occupancy in the fall of 2001. Located about 200 yards southwest of the corner of Farrell Road and Division Street the complex is the result of cooperative effort between Lockport Township, the City of Lockport and the Stough Group, a private developer.

The 50-unit development contains one-bedroom apartments that are leased to senior citizens at a very affordable monthly rate. The single story design includes a community center, social activities and plenty of open space. The 2000 square foot community center includes a large meeting room and a television. The residents can walk around the five-acre complex and participate in activities staged by the Stough Group including field trips, parties and Bingo. The development was immediately filled to capacity. A current waiting list numbering 175 confirms the great need for this facility and others like it. For further information regarding Gale Gardens please contact Stough Group at (888) 786-8441.