Electronics Recycling


Before donating or bringing your computer to a recycling center, remember to clean off any personal information on hard drives (reformatting the hard drive or rewriting the disc is recommended). It is your responsibility to erase all data. Will County assumes no responsibilty to protect any electronic data remaining in electronics deposited in the electronic recycling program. If you need more detailed instructions please e-mail or call the County Land Use - Resource Recovery & Energy offices.  No Business electronics can be taken. Businesses are encouraged to call Will County at (815) 727-8834 or go to their website 
www.willcountygreen.com, for recycling/reuse information.

Items accepted include

electronicrecyclingComputer, laptops, monitors, keyboards, electronic mice, modems, hard drives, CD ROM/Zip/ Tape Drives, cords, DVDs, VHS Tapes, floppies, UPS (battery backups), cable, satelite receivers, copy machines, fax machines, scanners, telephones, cell phones, pagers, answering machines, typewritters, word processors, adding machines, calculators, postage machines, printers, TV, VCR, DVD, laser disc players, speakers, stereo systems, CB's, two-way radios, cameras (film, magnetic tape, digital), palm organizers, hand held games, video game palyers, joystick, game controls, romte control devices, digital converter boxes, projectors, string lights (holiday lights on wires), paper shredders, cash registers, sump pumps, microwaves, digital clocks, coffee makers (no glass), blenders (no glass), bread makers, fryers, toaster ovens, food sealing equipment, electronic knives, massagers, shaving equipment, curling irons, hair dryers, vacumm cleaners (no bags), carpet sweepers, fans, space heaters, electronic tooth brushes, metal tools (drills, screwdrivers, saws, sanders, etc.).

Recycling Drop-Off Center

Will County and the City of Lockport have entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement to allow a remote drop-off site for electronic items. Will County's Land Use department has a container available at the City of Lockport Public Works facility for residents to dispose of any electronic item. Tuesday and Friday ONLY 6am to 11 am (limit 2 TV's must show valid driver's license need to live in Will County).Its located at 17112 South Prime Blvd, which is off of Division Street (167th Street), between Gougar and Cedar Road. There are also two recycle containers available for mixed recyclables such as glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, etc., for residents to use. Please note that this is for residential use only, and hazardous materials such as paint, batteries, or light bulbs are NOT accepted.

Please DO NOT TAKE any items that have dropped off. Once items have been placed in the box they are part of the Recycling Program.

Residential Electronic Drop-Off Locations:
Lockport  Public Works
17112 South Prime Blvd, which is off of Division Street (167th Street), between Gougar & Cedar Rd. 
Lockport, IL 60441 
(815) 838-0549 ext. 8